Information We Require To Deliver Your Safe Efficiently

Most of the information we require is covered by the details given in the order form but we also require the following information:

Are There Any Parking Or Vehicle Restrictions ?
We need to know any access restrictions that would stop a lorry sized vehicle from reaching your property for delivery 

Are There Any Steps Into The Building?
Please provide details of the steps into your property.
Describe The Route/Location Through The Building 
(Including Corridors etc.) 
Please provide details of the route through your property.

Describe All Floor Types
Please describe all types of floor 

Describe Any Doors Through The Building?
Please give the number of doors and their sizes. (height and widths in MM)

If Route Is Via Lift? (Please Give All Dimensions And Weight Restrictions)
We require all access information relating to relocation via a lift

If Route Is Via Stairs?(PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS 01865 522 477)

If Your Safe Is Being Installed What Floor Type Is It Being Fixed To?
Please detail the type of floor that the safe is being intalled to e.g. concrete / wood etc.