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onfused By Safe Terminology?

Like all industries safes come with there own special terminology to describe their features. Use the Following table below to help you get your bearings of all the technical terminology associated with safes.

Cash RatingThis refers to the manufacturers or insurance rating for the quantity of cash that can be safely stored inside the safe. 
The rating assigned also describes the quantity of valuables that can be stored inside and is usually equivalent to ten times the cash rating.
So as an example a safe with a £1,000 cash rating can safely store up to £10,000 worth of valuables! Good To Know.
AiS ApprovedThe AiS Approved sign is a genuine sign of approval!.
The AiS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) approval is required by many insurers to truly cover the contents of your safe.
This goes beyond just the safe itself and also covers the way in which it is installed. Generally if your safe weighs under 1,000 kilograms it must be securely bolted/fixed to a suitable floor or sub floor (usually concrete).
Fire RatingThe fire rating states the time limit for which the contents of your safe will be safe. This is in 30 minute intervals up to 120 minutes. Be sure to check for  European Standard EN fire testing, this certifies that the fire testing was carried out to stringet and repeatable specifications.
Lock TypeThis one is failry self explanatory but there are quite a few types of lock available for safe technologies. The most common are key and electronic key pad but traditional spinning combination locks are available on some the more expensive and high security safes.
Volume CapacityThis Value states the internal size of the safe giving you an idea of how much you can physically store inside of the safe.
Weight This value  shows how much the safe weighs in total in kilograms. This is quite important for Ais Approved safes as normally safes that weigh under 1000 kilograms must be securely bolted to a suitable floor.
Internal FittingsThis give you a quick idea of the extra fittings of the safe that come as standard. Features like shelves, lockable separate compartments, drawers and other internal features.
ManufacturerThis value is for the safes original manufacturer. 
FixingsThis category is for displaying what type of fixing is available for the safe. This is usually floor but some models are also available with wall fixing for times when a suitable floor is not available